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Many of the tartans we manufacture are unique to our clients. We start by looking at the logo and determine along with our client if the colors of the logo are current and work with the uniform. If they do, we pull the colors from the logo and start mapping out our first tartans. The tartan then goes through several drafts until we arrive at the one which works for our client. We then produce a sample of the tartan for our client to view and have made into the garment the client has chosen. Once the tartan and garment are approved, the tartan if unique to the client is then registered under the school name and in the Scottish Tartan Directory. Existing tartans can be updated, remapped with new colors and produced in a variety of fabric blends. From 100% wool to a machine washable option. If you are considering a change to your uniform, a unique tartan will be a milestone. We also do tartans for family clans, choirs, bands and organizations who want to stand out and be recognized.