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Below are some frequently asked questions:


We currently ship within BC and Ontario.

British Columbia
ORDER TOTAL: $0 - $150, Shipping Rate $15
ORDER TOTAL: $150.01 - $400, Shipping Rate $18
ORDER TOTAL: $400.01 - UP, Shipping Rate $21

ORDER TOTAL: $0 - $150, Shipping Rate $17
ORDER TOTAL: $150.01 - $400, Shipping Rate $19
ORDER TOTAL: $400.01 - UP, Shipping Rate $23

It takes 5-7 business days to process and ship your order. Once processed you will be notified via email of your order and tracking details.


You may experience longer than usual delivery times as Canada Post is expecting delays. Please use the tracking information provided in your shipment notification to track your parcels.

Yes. Once your order ships, we will send you an e-mail that will include the name of the shipping carrier and the tracking number for your order.

General Questions

If you are a new student we recommend you book a fitting. This will ensure your uniform is sized correctly. Click the BOOK AN ONLINE FITTING box on our homepage and select the time available which is convenient to you. 
If you are a returning student we encourage you to place your order online. You will require your school code to shop online. Your school code can be requested by using our contact form.

At this time we are not accepting Phone Orders. If you require assistance with your sizing history please use our contact form to request your sizing history. If you require assistance selecting sizes online please book an online fitting.
The fastest way to place your order is on our website which is accessible 24 hrs a day.

Each school is serviced at a specific location. If you are not sure which location services your school, please contact us.
Please note we are currently accepting orders via online only.

It is a good idea to shop early, ideally by the end of June. Any out of stock items will be shipped to your home complimentary.

As you might expect, the back-to-school season is the busiest time of year at Cambridge Uniforms. Due to the large quantity of orders placed at this time it is possible that certain products may not be available. If an item is out of stock when you come into the store, we will place the item on order for you.

We recommend you shop by the end of June, particularly if you have a student that requires unique sizing requirements.
*Items purchased from May through August will have an extended return/exchange timeline to August 31st.
For more details please see our Return Policy page.

We suggest purchasing the following quantities.

Pants for Boys: 2-3
Kilt/Skirt for Girls:1-2
Formal Dress Shirts: 3-5
Casual/Every Day Shirt: 3-5
Sweater: 2
Tie: 2
Gym T-Shirt: 2
Gym Shorts: 2
Hosiery (Socks/Tights): 5

If your school has a mandatory summer uniform, we suggest purchasing the same quantities for your summer uniform as you would your fall/winter uniform.

We recommend you book a fitting with us.
Online fittings are available now.
This fitting will ensure your uniform is sized correctly. Create your online account and book your uniform fitting with us.
Please email to find out which store location services your school. You may order in advance online non size specific items such as gym bags.

To inquire about the estimated delivery of an item that is on order please email, or use our contact form.

If an item is not available at the time of purchase, any outstanding item(s) will be referenced in the notes section of the packing slip. You may check your order status for online orders within your online account at any time. Any outstanding item will be shipped to your home in a second complimentary shipment.

If your child changes schools or you have another child attending another school and you would like to add to or update the school profile associated with your account you can may contact us to add another school to your online profile.

We suggest keeping the same account as opposed to making a new one as keeping your account will ensure you can keep your online ordering history and if you have more than one child attending different schools you will be able to place their orders together from one account profile.

Please include the following details in your request:

Account username
Email associated with the account
Current school and the new school your child will be attending or the school you would like added for another child.

Online Shopping

Our website works best with the most updated version of the most popular web browsers. Please ensure you are using the most up to date versions of Firefox or Google Chrome.
If the problem continues, we recommend deleting your cookies.
In the Chrome app
On your Android phone or tablet, open the Chrome app
• At the top right, tap More
• Tap History. Clear browsing data
• At the top, choose a time range. To delete everything, select All time
• Next to "Cookies and site data" and "Cached images and files," check the boxes
• Tap Clear data.

Yes. You will be able to view your online purchase history for any order previously purchased online by logging in and clicking onto the profile icon on the top right. This will lead you to your account page.

If you require your in-store sizing history please contact us.

Please contact us.
Occasionally, the notification may be sent from the delivery carrier in advance of the shipment. We will contact Canada Post to determine the status of your parcel and provide you with details.

Gift Cards

In-store gift cards can be used at both of our retail locations.
They cannot at this time be used for online purchases.
Your gift card will have a unique number on the back of the gift card which will be used for your purchase.
Gift cards do not retain any cash value.

Online gift cards may be used online only.
They cannot be applied to in-store, phone, or email orders.
If you have received a physical gift card, this is not an online gift card. Online gift cards are an electronic digital card that has been emailed to the buyer.
You will have received this via email from the buyer.
The online gift card will be a series of numbers and letters to be used at Checkout.
Online gift cards do not retain any cash value.

Online Fittings

The online fitting is a 30 or 45 minute video conference. 
Please have the measurements of the student ready before the fitting. We will assist with sizing recommendations during our call.

After the online fitting, you may purchase your uniform from our website.

Yes, we request that you measure the student ahead of time in order to make the best use of the online fitting. We will help you with any measurements you are unsure of.
Please use this measurement guide.

Have the following items ready for your online fitting:

• Your measurements
• A pen or pencil and notebook
• A proper measuring tape
• The student 

Zoom is a video conferencing tool. We will use Zoom to connect with you.
You can find your Zoom link for your online fitting in your online fitting confirmation.

Below are our suggestions.

We strongly suggest to use a desktop computer or iPad.

Download the app ahead.
Use Google Chrome or download the app directly onto your computer. 
Make sure your browser is up to date.
Please follow this link for more F.A.Q.'s on installing/using Zoom.