Book an In-Store Fitting


  • At a fitting we help you to select the best fit for your uniform requirements.  We suggest that you book a fitting if your child is a new student at the school they are attending.
  • Bookings can differ in duration depending on your requirements. You will be guided to select the appropriate amount of time based on your needs as you go through the booking steps.
  • Expect a confirmation email from us once you have booked your fitting. Save this email as you can reschedule your booking from a link in this email or use it to cancel if you find you cannot make the time you have scheduled.
  • You will receive a reminder email the day before the appointment.
  • You will be able to take home all items in-stock that day. If for any reason we do not have some items in stock we will place them on order and ship your ordered items complimentary to your home.
  • Items purchased from May through August will have an extended return/exchange timeline to September 30th.
  • Online bookings available September 15 through August 15.
Select the store which services your school to ensure you are booking your fitting at the correct store location.
Online bookings available September 15 through August 15.
If you are unsure which store services your school please call our communication center at 1-800-924-9069 ext 1 to set your uniform fitting appointment date.