How-To: Press Trousers

The most important aspect of pressing trousers is that you want to press, not iron. By pressing rather than ironing, you avoid shine.

Tip: If you worry about shine what you can do is use a piece of thin cloth over the top of your trousers before pressing. Be sure to use a cloth that does not leave bits of fluff.

What you will need before you begin:

  • An ironing board
  • An iron
  • A bristle brush with a backing/handle that is flat, wooden and unvarnished. (Available at your local hardware store)
  1. The first thing to do is find where the front crease is. We want to make the current crease more defined rather than create a new crease.
  2. If your current crease has disappeared, you want to line up the seams of the trousers before beginning to press. Lining up the seams will ensure that you have the correct placement for the crease you are about to create. Line up the seams at the bottom of the trousers before creating your crease.
  3. Mark the bottom of your front crease with a quick press at the bottom. Mark the top of your front crease with a quick press at the top of the trousers.

  4. If you have pleats on your trousers, you want to press from the bottom of the trousers up to the bottom of the pleats and not higher for the purpose of making your crease.
  5. Once the crease has been made you can press lightly on the pleats if you wish.
  6. If you have no pleats on your trousers, you want to stop the crease about 6 inches from the waistband.
  7. Once the seams are lined up begin to press the front crease, not iron, from the bottom of the trousers up the crease to either the bottom of the pleats or 6 inches from the waistband. Use lots of steam. As you get close to the top make sure to fold back the pockets on the inside of the trousers so that you don't have a pocket crease showing when you are finished.
  8. Once your front crease is pressed, you can lay the trouser flat and begin to press the back crease.
  9. Once your back and front creases are set gently press through the center of the pant to get rid of any unwanted creases.
  10. To create a crease in the trousers we use very hot steam. To set the crease you have to remove the moisture from the trousers before you lift the trousers from the ironing board. To do this grab your bristle brush and using the flat wooden handle of the brush smack the crease from the bottom of the crease to the top. Pausing slightly once you have the trousers firmly under the handle of your brush on your ironing board. This will draw the moisture from the trousers. smack and hold, smack and hold, all the way along the crease.
  11. Hang your trousers. Give them a few hours for the moisture to be removed completely before wearing.
  12. Happy pressing.
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