How-To: Ensure you receive emails from our website

At Cambridge Uniforms we strive to ensure your online experience is effortless.

If you are not receiving emails from our webiste please add to your email contact list to ensure you receive future emails from our website, such as the Welcome to Cambridge Uniforms email which contains your login credentials.

Adding to your contact list will ensure that emails from our website are not directed to your junk mail folder.

How-To: Create a new account

With some preparation setting up your online account is a clear and straighforward process.

What you will need to begin:
1. Your school code. Provided in a school newsletter or available from any of our retail representatives at any one of our store locations.
2. Your contact information.

How-To: Change your account password

To the left of most pages on our site you are given the option to sign in to your account. If you cannot see this option on the page you are currently viewing please visit our Home page and begin there.

If you have lost your username and password begin at #1.

If you currently have your username and password and would like to change your password please scroll down to #5 on the list and follow the instructions from there.

How-To: Iron a shirt

Tip: Once you have finished ironing your shirt hang it on a wooden hanger for about 5-10 minutes before you wear it. This will allow the fibres to cool and will diminish your chances of wrinkles occurring.

What you will need to get started:

How-To: Press Trousers

The most important aspect of pressing trousers is that you want to press, not iron. By pressing rather than ironing, you avoid shine.

Tip: If you worry about shine what you can do is use a piece of thin cloth over the top of your trousers before pressing. Be sure to use a cloth that does not leave bits of fluff.

What you will need before you begin:

How-To: Tie a Tie

Windsor Knot:

The images shown below are mirrored images.

1. Start with the thick end of the tie on your right. The narrow end on your left. The thick end should extend about 3/4 of the way down past the narrow end of the tie.

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